美味しい沖縄食材 美味しい沖縄食材

Certified by Okinawa Prefecture「Okinawa ingredients shop」
Hotel Ocean is certified.
Introducing"feelings", "feelings" and "deliciousness" for Okinawan cuisine.

  • 微生物の力と平飼いで産まれる健康な卵
    Miyagi Farm

    The power of microorganisms and healthy eggs that are laid flat

    "Miyagi Farm" who runs a poultry farm in Nanjo City. We feed a lot of green grass and fermented feed every day, and in the poultry house environment where we use clean water and the power of microorganisms, chickens lay healthy eggs that can be eaten with confidence.

  • 美味しい牛乳と酪農の未来
    Nanjo Ranch

    The future of delicious milk and dairy farming

    Milk shipped from Nanjo Ranch is sold directly to consumers at two of our own antenna shops, "MOMO HOUSE". A wide variety of lineups such as soft ice cream that uses plenty of fresh milk and butterfly pie gelato co-developed with Nanjo City are drawing a lot of attention.

  • おばー自慢の島豆腐
    Hiroshiya food

    Aunt's proud island tofu

    We continue to make Shimadofu and order Shimadofu from Hiroshiya Foods, which has been in business for 43 years. There are few places in Okinawa that use the old-fashioned method of "raw squeezing and Jigama method", and the island tofu made there is said to be delicious.

  • 沖縄一の絶品スープ

    Okinawa's best soup

    We have prepared noodles and soup used in Tamaya, which won the grand prix at the 2nd Okinawa Soba King. The soup is strong, but the seasoning itself isn't terrible, and you'll want to drink up to the last drop.

  • 微生物と育む畑
    Sunshine farm

    Fields that grow with microorganisms

    "Sunshine farm" where EM (useful microorganisms) is used to grow fields and raise chickens. Even if you don't rely on pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the soil regains its original power with the help of fungi, and grows healthy and delicious crops. All vegetables are shiny and healthy. At the poultry farm, "flat breeding" is performed in consideration of the stress on chickens. If the stress is reduced, the disease will be reduced, and unnecessary medication will not be required.

  • 無理なく育てる健康野菜
    Garden farm Nakamura

    Healthy vegetables to grow comfortably

    The field uses fermented rice bran as fertilizer, so the vegetables are a little small, but people who eat say "Very delicious, different from the usual vegetables". We provide safe and safe delicious vegetables by producing a large number of small items throughout the year.

  • 「やちむん」で食べる朝ごはん
    Tsuboya ware Toshingama

    Breakfast to eat at "Yachimun"

    At the breakfast buffet, you can enjoy your meal with the traditional Okinawan ware "Yachimun". What I have「Tsuboya ware Toshingama」Bowls and plates. The rustic Yachimun that is produced using traditional methods makes Okinawan food even more delicious.

  • 地元市場で食材探し
    Stocking of Hotel Ocean

    Searching for ingredients at the local market

    At Hotel Ocean, in addition to the vegetables that we receive from our partner farmers, we also purchase the ingredients we find at the local market. By having the chef make purchases by himself without going through the agricultural cooperatives, we are able to encounter rare Okinawan ingredients that have reached the season and provide delicious foods at low prices, which gives us an idea of ​​cooking.